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Enjoy Freedom and get Off-Grid

Freedom Technology and Services is an Australian -based team of experts that design and repurpose tech allowing you greater safety and security in the digital world. And enables you escape big tech.

We prevent frequent government overreach using tools like deGoogled phones, freedomPCs, and accessories like faraday bags to reclaim your digital freedom and personal privacy.

off-grid Privacy

The Privacy Experts

We build technology that breaks the shackles of the oversized tech giants who want to monitor and document all of your online and offline activity.

No more Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, or Google.

Our Privacy Experts ensure each of our devices is locked down and free from prying eyes.

We have an array of solutions we have provided our Clients who enjoy the option of an off-grid lifestyle just as much as those high-tech insiders who understand the potential risk of having their entire life on a single device.

We have clients ranging from ex-military to technology CEOs, all interested in keeping their data safe.

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PRODUCTS AND Privacy Accessories

Protect Your Privacy With These Solutions

Our Privacy Experts are committed to providing you with customised and secure solutions to keep you safe online and off.
Our technology products include:

degoogled phone

Our expert technicians repurpose Google Pixel phones with the private and secure mobile operating system GrapheneOS.

This open-source project mitigates vulnerabilities and common exploits.

Government programs seek to monitor our phone calls, text messages, and more.

privacy Computer

Privacy Computers
& Laptops

We expertly refurbish ex-government computers with secure operating systems and components.
We also supply Brand New Laptops cheaper than available on the MainStreet

We build our products to ensure you have a safe and secure location that protects your data, so you can escape big techs’ massive overreach. 

Faraday bags

At Freedom Technology and Services, we firmly believe in maintaining our digital freedom.

That is why we offer products like faraday bags that shield a mobile phone, laptop, or other devices from radio waves or other signals getting in or out.

This prevents bluejacking, stingrays, and other theft exploits.

Escape big tech and Achieve digital freedom

Customised Orders

Each of our off-grid products can be customised with different features. For example, we can install a dual boot or single boot system on our Freedom PCs using a choice of Linux distributions, add a VPN with a country of your choice, remote servers, and so much more. Reach out to our expert team with these requests to see what is currently available. 


Don't Just Take Our Word...

Protect your data

Why Digital Freedom?

Every day we hear about phones being hacked for personal information or big tech companies suddenly disclosing years of backed-up date they’ve been keeping on private citizens.
There are even”shadow profiles” of people who have never had a Facebook account but suddenly have a personal profile built from the information of their friends and family.

Walk into any hacking summit like DefCon in the U.S., and you’ll find everyday tech insiders that can learn all about you, your personal files, family photos, and even your security passwords from nothing more than a scan from your unprotected mobile.

In today’s world, free speech and the ability to protect you and your family is critical in the online world just as much as in the physical.
That is why we created a brand and service dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to protect your data and escape big tech. 
Our deGoogled phones, Freedom PCs, and accessories like Faraday bags are the best way to enjoy life without worrying about big brother watching.


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