here is everything you need to know about us for your digital freedom

The Mission Behind The Business

Digital Freedom

Here is everything you need to know about us. Freedom Technology and Services is an Australian-based private business focused on providing high-quality solutions to the encroachment of government and big-tech surveillance on our everyday privacy. We offer highly customized products free from the technology used to monitor and track our daily lives.

What is our background?

Providing privacy focused solutions across all devices

We are proud to say our company started the same way most successful endeavors began – entirely by accident. Our founder had spent years working as a chef catering to many Ministers of London’s Houses of Parliament in Westminster, watching the many functions of government. As time moved on, he changed jobs and began to take courses and vocational training in IT-related fields, earning certifications and traveling all over the world providing network solutions and system installations.

Eventually, our founder found his way to Australia’s Gold Coast, where his family has settled down. It was here that concerned for his own on-line privacy he first put a Linux distribution on his personal Microsoft Surface Book, and began to see the possibilities of custom-made machines. Then, seeing the need in the market for privacy-related products, he purchased a few ex-government computers, refurbished them with security software and features, and saw them sell like hotcakes. A few days later and Freedom Technology and Services was born.

What started as a small hobby and curious experiment led to a rapidly-growing  business where our founder still does the challenging technical work alongside his son, and you benefit from their expertise. Now our founder splits his time between fulfilling orders and giving talks on the importance of privacy while building a business that at the same time is giving digital freedom back to the community.

Our mission
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