How Does A Faraday Bag Protect Our Online and Offline Privacy?

This article helps you understand how a Faraday bag works, how they can help you protect your online and offline privacy, and how you can buy these amazing bags in Australia.

Wondering how a Faraday Bag can help protect your privacy? This article is all about getting to know the benefits of Faraday Bags and how they can help save you from online and offline privacy breaches.

Australia is slowly becoming one of the hotbeds of privacy rights and activity. As the government continues to contemplate new updates to previous digital privacy policies, numerous experts weigh in on how we interact with everything from our government-issued digital ID to shopping on eBay and Amazon.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently issued a report showing that most consumers have no idea how much of their personal data is being harvested by Big Tech companies. They are calling for even more oversight of businesses that make money by tracking our digital footprints and creating profiles that can be sold to advertising firms for another source of income.

Additionally, the updates to the DigitalID initiative promise to connect government databases of information never before interlinked. This is an effort to protect children from pornography or to remove the anonymous status of cyberbullies when they are operating online. While those goals seem great to most Australians, but they also invite serious privacy problems.

The government and Big Tech should not have so much information about us stored away for their personal use. How do we stop this from happening? We integrate privacy protection devices like Faraday Bags.

How Faraday Bags Work

Black Faraday Bag

Faraday bags, also known as Faraday cages, are designed to block signal transmissions from devices located within them. If you place your device inside the bag, it will be entirely inaccessible for anyone trying to connect to it or track its location.

If you remember back to high school physics class, electromagnetism is what allows wireless signals such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data to function at all. The electromagnetic spectrum includes radio waves and microwaves. That’s how your phone can transmit and receive information when you text or make a call. The shielding materials used in Faraday bags in Australia block out signals by containing electromagnetic energy within them and preventing the transmission of radio frequencies throughout the area inside.

If someone wants to gain access to your phone without your knowledge, they would have no luck unless they physically removed it from the bag. This creates a powerful barrier to ensuring your privacy is protected from Big Tech tracking your GPS, government watch groups creating profiles of your activities, and everyday hackers from swiping your mobile data or credit card information.

How to Use Your Faraday Bag for Privacy

The easiest way to use Faraday Bags Australia is to integrate them into your regular schedule. Purchasing a laptop cover or a small pouch to protect your mobile phone, credit cards, and car key fob prevents thieves from stealing your information or devices.

custom Faraday Backpack

Australia has also had its share of public protests over the past few years. During these protests, police attempt new tracking methods to collect data from anyone present and then make arrests later on. Even if you are completely peaceful in exercising your rights to voice your opinion and support your beliefs, you could be caught up in a sweep of digital information. Keeping your devices safely stored inside a Faraday backpack or bag ensures your data will be protected and your voice can be heard.

There is also the concern of health. Many people report having issues with their health due to the number of signals and electronic devices around them. While the evidence is still unclear because technology advances so quickly, you can be sure that putting your devices in a Faraday bag for a while and shutting out the rest of the world defiantly offers you some well-deserved peace of mind. We could all use a break from the constant flow of notifications, and this is a great way to get that separation.

What Size of a Faraday Bag Should You Get?

To determine which Faraday bag is right for you, decide what you plan to protect. Do you want a bag that can carry your phone, tablet, and wallet? If so, get a Faraday carrying bag. Do you want to block the signals of your keys and key fob? If so, get a Faraday pouch. Want to protect your passport from RFID theft? Get a passport bag.

Faraday bag with different sizes

If you’re thinking about protecting devices like laptops or tablets (or are just unsure about what size of a Faraday bag you need), consider getting one that fits devices up to 15 inches. After all, it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to privacy. 

Are Big Tech and the Government Tracking My Online Activity

There are many reasons why Big Tech and other entities might want to monitor your every move. The more data they have on you, the more effective their advertising strategies can be. Having access to your browsing history also gives them a wealth of information about your interests, connections, habits, and so much more. Even your GPS data is valuable information for those who would like to learn how to get into your wallet or influence how you think.

Of course, the government has a long history of tapping phones and searching through the mail in order to find out what we’re up to, but these days there is an overwhelming amount of activity that happens online. Most people don’t even consider that the government might be keeping track of their online behavior.

In reality, any record of who you’ve called or emailed (even if it doesn’t include the actual contents of that communication) is actually classified as metadata by law enforcement agencies. All entities with access to this metadata can use it to determine who you call and text frequently, when you communicate with them, where you were when this occurred and even more. 

This sort of information can then be used by law enforcement agencies to better understand exactly what’s going on in someone’s life. Even though there are laws against accessing phone calls without proper authorization under most circumstances, the fact remains that​most government agencies do not need warrants when they want to access this type of metadata. It is up to you ​to​ ​protect​ ​yourself!

The Benefits of Using a Faraday Bag

A Faraday bag is a valuable tool when it comes to protecting your privacy. It’s convenient and easy to use, and once you understand its benefits, you’ll want one of your own! Here’s what they provide:

1- Added Layers of Protection

The fabric in Faraday bags prevents radio-frequency signals from entering or exiting the bag. That means that no one can eavesdrop on the data stored on your device or access any information on it remotely. Faraday bags are handy for preventing hacking attempts since a hacker would need physical access to your device to break into it. So if you want to ensure that hackers won’t get their hands on the contents of your cell phone or laptop, a Faraday bag is an effective way to do so!

2- Protection from Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs)

EMPs can be disastrous if they occur. For instance, they could potentially cause power grids to collapse. However, with a Faraday bag shielding your devices from EM waves and other electromagnetic radiation emitted during an EMP event, you should have nothing to worry about as far as damage goes. After all, the last thing you need during an emergency is for all of your electronics to stop working because they were exposed to radiation. That is why you hear about so many buyers who have bug out bags using Faraday bags.

3- Convenience and Affordability

Not only are Faraday bags easy for people who don’t know much about computers or phones, they’re also cheap enough that anyone can afford them without breaking the bank. Most models come with handles or straps, making them highly portable. Modern designs look just like other suitcases, bags, pouches, backpacks, and similar travel gear. 

Getting Your Faraday Bag Australia Best Option

Protect your devices and your privacy with the secure shielding provided by a Faraday bag. The size of the Faraday bag that you require will depend on the device or devices you’re looking to protect. A Faraday bag can be as small as a phone pouch or large enough to hold an entire laptop and its accessories. You might want to invest in multiple sizes and styles if you want to use a Faraday bag for your key fob, passport, ID card, and other items that you carry on your person daily.

Freedom Tech helps you escape big tech companies and governments
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We at Freedom Technology and Services of Australia have partnered with the experts at SLNT to provide a wide range of Faraday Bags. These provide the added protection you need to keep your activities and location data private. They also offer excellent comfort and premium quality. This allows you to blend into the crowd while getting the peace of mind that your items and devices are safe from Big Tech and government trackers. 

To learn more about our products, visit our store. We are a local family-owned business doing our part to ensure Australians are well protected no matter what laws are passed or changed in the future.

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