Secure your keyless car and crypto wallet with our Faraday Key Fob Bag. Expertly crafted from 400D Weatherproof Nylon, this innovative product provides comprehensive protection against relay attacks and unauthorised access. Its Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage with Multishield® technology effectively blocks Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC signals and shields against EMP and static shock. Ideal for daily use, spare keys, travel, and secure crypto wallet storage. Take the first step towards superior digital security with the Faraday Key Fob Bag.



Faraday Key Fob Bag: Comprehensive Protection for Your Digital Life

Shield your key fob and crypto wallet with our Faraday Key Fob Bag, a cutting-edge protective accessory tailor-made for those who prioritise their digital security. It’s more than just a bag—it’s a powerful shield against digital theft, electrical intereference and unauthorised access.

Expertly Crafted for Unmatched Security

Our Faraday Key Fob Bag is meticulously crafted using 400D Weatherproof Nylon—a robust and premium material designed to weather the rigours of daily use. The bag’s primary purpose is to offer a protective barrier to your key fob, mitigating the risk of car theft, and providing a secure electrical storage solution for your crypto wallet.

Incorporated into this protective bag is the Silent Pocket® Faraday Cage, featuring advanced Multishield® technology. This state-of-the-art technology meets and surpasses the IEEE 299-2006 (1 – 40GHz) standards and complies with MIL‐STD‐188‐125‐2, providing unparalleled shielding capabilities.

Car Key Fob Security: Guard Against Relay Attacks

In a world where keyless car theft and relay attacks are increasingly prevalent, our Faraday Key Fob Bag offers a simple yet effective solution. By creating a secure barrier around your key fob, this bag prevents criminals from amplifying your key’s signal to gain unauthorized access to your vehicle. By stashing your key fob in the bag when not in use, you render it invisible to potential thieves, securing your vehicle and peace of mind.

Crypto Wallet Protection: Safeguard Your Digital Assets

With the rise of digital currencies, ensuring the security of your crypto wallets is crucial. The Faraday Key Fob Bag serves as an optimal storage solution, protecting your digital wealth from potential electrical threats, including solar flares. The bag’s signal-blocking capabilities ensure that your wallet’s private keys remain inaccessible and completely secure.

Regain Control of Your Digital Privacy

We live in an age where much of our personal and financial information is digitally stored. Safeguarding these devices is paramount to preserving our privacy. Our Faraday Key Fob Bag offers a tangible solution to these digital vulnerabilities, allowing you to take control of your digital footprint.

Your Trusty and Durable Companion

Despite its superior features, the Faraday Key Fob Bag maintains a compact and lightweight profile. Weighing a mere 50gm, it’s convenient to carry and easily slips into your pocket. Additionally, it’s equipped with an external key chain loop for added utility.

Its slim design, snap closure, discreet branding, and premium materials not only ensure top-tier security but also provide an elegant addition to your everyday essentials.

Conclusion: Prioritise Your Digital Security Today

In our digitally interconnected world, proactive measures to protect your digital privacy have become crucial. Ensure your vehicle’s safety and secure your crypto assets with our Faraday Key Fob Bag from Freedom Technology & Services. Make a solid stand for your digital privacy today. Choose the Faraday Key Fob Bag—because your digital security should never be compromised.

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