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Build a wall Around Your Identity with A Privacy Computer

Finding a privacy sanctuary from the tech world should always come with a blend of power, performance, and utmost security.

Most importantly, it should be easy and intuitive.

This lifestyle choice opens the doors to new worlds most never see. It is for those who move beyond the glitter of Big Tech marketing and appreciate the raw, customizable power that Linux offers. Rooted in the security-conscious open-source world, Linux privacy computes constantly evolve, driven by a community of like-minded people seeking perfection.

Linux isn’t just about a reliable operating system. You are choosing freedom from unwanted bloatware, privacy-breaching pre-installed apps, and the dictatorial decisions of tech giants. Instead of dealing with all that extra software from Microsoft or Apple that reports your actions “for improvement reasons,” you get a more secure option. The simple flexibility of Linux means you get what you want – how you want it.

On top of all those benefits, you get an ever-growing global community of enthusiasts, developers, and innovators constantly pushing the boundaries of future tech. That way, you know you are always on the cutting edge.

Ditch the spying

it is simple to take back your control

I bought a Linux laptop from Tony at Freedom Tech earlier this year as I felt the urgency to keep my family safe from the Microsoft's invasive data collection, and from the constant threat of hackers/scammers. I was initially concerned about how easy it would be use Linux and whether I would need to do a course to learn it, however to my relief the Linux Mint operatiing software was very similar to use to Microsoft and I was able to jump on and get started pretty much straight away.

Given our ongoing work for human freedom, we knew it was imperative to switch from our old OS to Linux, despite being the least "geeky" people you have met. Did some solid research, asked for recommendations among people we trusted, and chose Tony. Decided to get one new Linux computer and convert another. With Tony's expert work on the computers, and guidance in our personal tutorial, it was unbelievably easy. Lost a bit of time transferring files, but not more than a few minutes in actual work time. Tony made it that easy! It was a huge relief and we only wondered why we didn't switch ten years ago. Now encouraging others to trust Tony, and not to wait

Current Pricing from $595

Linux Computers

Introducing the Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G4, where power meets privacy.

Choose between the dynamic i5 or the robust i7, paired with Linux Mint or ZorinOS for a seamless experience.

With 16GB RAM and SSD options, it’s built for speed and efficiency.

Say goodbye to bloatware and hello to a system that respects your privacy.

From professional tasks to personal projects, the ThinkBook 14 G4 is your gateway to true digital freedom.

Experience the difference today.

Coming - Out of Stock

Brand New from $1,245

Experience next-level computing with the Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Gen 2.

Opt for the dynamic Intel i5 processor with storage choices of 256GB or 512GB SSD, or elevate your tasks with the powerful Intel i7 paired with a 256GB SSD.

Dive into the open-source world, selecting between the user-friendly ZorinOS or the versatile LinuxMint. 

With the ThinkBook 14s Gen 2, you’re not just getting a laptop; you’re embracing a superior digital journey.


What our Clients say about Linux computers..

Linux - for the freedom Community

Freedom and Privacy

Operating a Linux computer isn’t just owning another cookie-cutter machine from a big box store.

As Big Tech increasingly intrudes on our daily lives, happily sucking up all the personal data on our interests, our meticulously crafted Linux privacy computers empower users with an oasis from such threats. Every model, refurbished or brand-new, offers an escape from the prying eyes of companies and organisations eager to steal or resell your data.

We make Linux computers that are genuinely yours. Every byte and pixel are carefully designed to give you an edge in today’s digital realm – without sacrificing your anonymity. From refurbished Dell computers to the latest Lenovo laptops, Freedom Technology & Services is your answer to true digital freedom. Privacy computers are available with Linux Mint, Zorin, or Dual Boot (Windows & Linux)

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Get the OS Preferred by Cyber Security Experts

Like it or not, we live in a world dominated by digital espionage, rising cyber threats, and data collection happening at such a high rate that even kids have shadow profiles from Big Tech. Unlike other operating systems, Linux offers a bastion of privacy because it has a much smaller attack surface and is far less susceptible to viruses and malware.

All our devices are tailored to ensure your digital footprint remains yours and yours alone. Built from the ground up with privacy at its core, our privacy laptops and computers shield you from invasive trackers, unwanted data harvesters, and cybercriminals. You get a pure, undiluted computing experience free from the surveillance of governments, hackers, fraudsters, and Big Tech.

We Build

Linux mint

Linux Mint

Linux Mint has long been hailed as the bridge between seasoned Linux enthusiasts and newcomers venturing into the open-source realm. Its crisp interface and user-centric design provide an environment where productivity meets simplicity. For those transitioning from Windows, Linux Mint offers a familiar layout combined with the power of Linux, making the switch easy and enjoyable.

Beyond mere aesthetics, Linux Mint carries a robust software suite that caters to a diverse range of needs. Everything is pre-packaged and ready to go, from office applications to multimedia tools. This, combined with regular updates, ensures you’re always at the technological forefront.

The soul of Linux Mint lies in its community. With a strong backing of developers and users worldwide, Mint continually evolves, refining its features and rectifying bugs based on user feedback. This symbiotic relationship ensures that the OS remains on the cutting edge while staying true to its core ethos.

  • User-Centric Design
  • Rich Software Suite
  • Vibrant Community
  • Highly Customizable
  • Safe and Secure


Recognizing the influx of users from diverse OS backgrounds, Zorin offers unparalleled adaptability. The ability to mimic the aesthetics of Mac or Windows ensures users experience minimal dislocation while transitioning, making it a haven for those seeking familiarity with enhanced performance.

Under the hood, Zorin is powered by robust engineering that ensures smooth performance irrespective of your tasks. Whether you’re diving into productivity applications, graphic design, or even gaming, Zorin delivers consistently, ensuring you remain in the flow. And the best part? It does all this without compromising security or privacy, giving you peace of mind.

What truly sets Zorin apart, though, is its philosophy of user empowerment. It’s not just about giving you an operating system. It’s about offering a platform where you can shape your digital environment. 

  • Adaptive Interface
  • Stable Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • User Empowerment
  • Rich Application Support


The Best of Windows & Linux

Dual Boot privacy Computers

Dual Boot privacy laptops and computers demolish boundaries and offer you the luxury of Windows and Linux on a singular device. It’s not about compromise. You get to embrace the entire spectrum of what modern computing has to offer. With dual boot, you get the familiarity of Windows paired with the raw power and privacy of Linux.

One of the primary perks of the Dual Boot system is flexibility. Users can effortlessly switch between OS environments, Whether for software compatibility, professional requirements, or simply nostalgia. There is no more need for multiple devices or logging off and on; a simple reboot seamlessly toggles between Windows and Linux.

Our systems are fine-tuned to ensure Windows and Linux run smoothly without hogging resources or causing system lags. It’s the perfect marriage of functionality and freedom wrapped in a single device.


Frequently asked Questions


Linux offers greater customization, more robust privacy controls, and is open-source. That means you don’t have to worry about security or dealing with pre-installed bloatware you’ll never use but still slows your machine.


Absolutely! Users can enjoy an intuitive and familiar environment with versions like Mint and Zorin. Our Freedom Technology and Services team can set up your Linux Computer, so all you do is turn the power on to enjoy all the best features.

Many popular Windows applications have Linux alternatives or can be run using compatibility layers. We can help guide you through solid apps and programs reframing how you see the tech world.

Linux is renowned for its security features, being less prone to malware and viruses because it is not the standard OS hackers target. That, and you get strong firewalls, virus protection, and more.

Yes, you can run both Linux and Windows with our dual boot option. This allows you to keep your unique apps or programs that you prefer for work, gaming, or family photos.

We offer comprehensive support and also guide you toward active Linux community forums. Freedom Technology and Services ensures you get the most value from every product we sell.

Our refurbished machines are rigorously tested, optimised for performance, and come at a fraction of the cost of new devices.
We refurbish Dells as well as work with brand-new Lenovo laptops.

Linux systems receive regular updates for optimization and security, but you have complete control over when and how you update. You can automate this process in the background or opt only to update when you are in the driver’s seat.

Linux does not collect or sell user data. Combined with its open-source nature, users have full transparency over the system. This is much different from Microsoft or Apple, which monitor your activities for advertising, system management, or throttling whenever resources are being used too much.


With intuitive versions like Mint and Zorin, even newcomers find it easy to get started. There are tons of free YouTube videos to help you as well. Once you dig in, you’ll find a vibrant community of like-minded, security-conscious people.

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