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Your phone is not a friend

Why keep carrying a device that spies on all your personal activity and tracks your data, location, and habits daily?
Big tech companies were not created to protect your freedoms or privacy. Instead, they have a product to sell and use every bit of captured data you give them to make more money.

That is where our expertly crafted Degoogled phones & Tablets come in to help.
We want to give you all the capabilities of a regular phone without having to worry about big brother watching over your shoulder.

Current Pricing from $575

Latest Availability Prices

The degoogled pixel 5 presents great buying for a recent flagship phone, first released in Australia for $999 in October 2020.

The google Pixel 5 features 128Gb storage, dual SIM, 8Gb RAM, and the Screen size is just on 6″.

No headphone jack again, so use an adapter in the USB charging port ($15)

5g capable, but can be dialled down to connect to 4g or 3g only if required.

Released by Google in July 2022, this degoogled phone is a mid-range variant of the (superior) Pixel 6 & 6 Pro.

It features a 6.1″ screen, 6Gb RAM, 128Gb storage, and dual SIM (1 nano and 1 eSIM)

5g capable, it can be dialled down to connect to 4g and 3g only, which is the way I have set it for my-self.

Again, no headphone jack, so use an adapter which fits in the charging port so wired earphones can be used. ($15)

Recently superseded by the Pixel 7 Pro, this was the flagship of all Google phones, and was my personal favourite.

Released in October 2021, it features a massive 6.7″ screen, 12Gb RAM, and up to 512Gb storage.

Fantastic 50mp triple lens front camera, and 11mp rear camera.(I can put on degoogled GCam software to get the most out of the camera)

Priced from $795 for excellent/As New.

Brand New from $1275 – contact me for the latest price

This edition of the Pixel Pro series, released in October 2022,supersedes the Pixel 6 Pro and and is now my everyday carry.

Also featuring a  6.7″ screen, 12Gb RAM, and up to 512Gb storage. like its older Pixel 6 brother, this phone is now available in “As New” and “Brand New” variants

Fantastic 50mp triple lens main camera, and 10.8mp selfie camera, with a 4k video capture capability.(I can put on degoogled GCam software to get the most out of the camera)

Great size 5000 mAh battery and is able to reach 50% charge within 30 minutes .

Experience unmatched digital freedom with the Degoogled Pixel Tablet.

Powered by GrapheneOS, it offers a pure Android experience, free from trackers and ads.

Boasting a sleek design, high-resolution display, and top-tier performance, this tablet is the ultimate choice for those prioritizing privacy. 

Stand against Big Tech surveillance and embrace true online security with the Degoogled Pixel Tablet


Don't Just Take Our Word...


Custom Devices to Protect Your privacy

We have a great blog article about the specifics of how deGoogled Phones work for you to check out. To put it simply, we take refurbished, new, and older phones and strip them of all the native operating system and firmware options that are built in to the device. This removes any tracking software through ads or government agencies and gives us a base device to begin changing into something new.

Our expert tech team then begins to rebuild the phones using open-source operating systems and options like VPNs and applications that are known within the privacy industry. This provides you with all the excellent opportunities you had before and the added protection of being safe from Big Tech selling your private data for profit.

We frequently work with custom orders and devices ranging from quality, storage capacity, and other features that our clients want to maintain. You can learn more about setting up a custom request by sending us a note through our contact page.

deGoogled phone


As Recommended by Edward Snowden

Our deGoogled Phones use GrapheneOS, as recommended by Edward Snowden, or calyxOS, and our Tablets use the LineageOS for operating systems.
These are private, secure, and open-source-based systems that do not come with all the pre-loaded bloatware designed to track your activities.

We offer devices with CalyxOS for those that prefer a balance of enhanced privacy while still being able to use tracking applications like WhatsApp or Facebook.
While we want to emphasize this specific OS will not prevent you from being tracked, it does make it significantly harder for both Big Tech and government agencies.

We recycle Google Pixel phones or Samsung Tablets in excellent condition and remove all the surveillance and privacy problems facing the everyday user.
This way, you can make calls, browse the web, and safely message your friends without having some agency maintaining a personal log of your life in some government lab. 

Mobile Features Include:

 Tablet Features Include:

Degoogling apps


Our Alternative Operating Systems

At Freedom Technology and Services, we pride ourselves on offering solutions to keep your data private and secure.
For that reason, we have stuck to three different forms of operating systems with varying levels of security.

Most of the public is already aware that Google and other Big Tech companies received grants from American agencies like the NSA, CIA, and DARPA when they were founded.
This led to Google owning the Android ecosystem, accounting for 73% of the mobile OS market share.
So we found a way to fight back using open-sourced operating systems and app solutions all the privacy experts use every single day. 



This is our “go-to” operating system for recycled deGoogled phones. GrapheneOS is a custom ROM (another word for OS in this instance) built on privacy and security-focused Android app compatibility.
The whole system is built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) which is the base Android code without the Google influence.

There is no direct access to the Google Play Store or applications. Everything is open-sourced. That means you can use custom-made apps with incredible features and capabilities beyond what Google can offer and none of the security concerns that involve selling your private data.

With GrapheneOS you get:

  • Enhanced security and privacy
  • Better encryption than a standard Android
  • Improved management of memory
  • Resilient permissions to ensure appropriate access
  • Better web browse through Vandium
  • OS verification system using Attestation to prevent a compromised device.

There are many locations to get quality applications on a deGoogled phone using GrapheneOS like; F-Droid, open-sourced websites, and the Aurora Store.

We also can customize your deGoogled phone with VPNs, the Brave Browser, and TOR for improved security.

Degoogled mobile phone


We Can Install CalyxOS But we prefer not to.
CalyxOS now contains google coding. It is an Alternative system more than a degoogled system

We wanted to offer a solution for those customers wanting a deGoogled phone but also access to their favorite apps if they did not want to use the “Sand-box” option GrapheneOS offers.

Reluctantly we can provide CalyxOS, and even then, only after a serious discussion.
It will never be anywhere near as secure as GrapheneOS, but it does offer some extra privacy features that reduces a little of Google’s control of your personal data.

There is an option to install MicroG, a more private access to Google Playstore apps, which is arguably the only reason to have a CalyxOS phone.

But it can lead to a false sense of security.

MicroG may be a more effective barrier between you and Google. It is trying to implement the best of both worlds while still closing the door a little on Big Tech from peeking in on your private information. 



We Can Install LineageOS But we prefer not to for.
LineageOS contains google coding. It is an Alternative system more than a degoogled system

We use LineageOS with our tablet orders for those the do not want a Google Pixel Tablet.  This is one of the most popular custom ROMs available in the open-source world, with more than 2.6 million active users. It was developed as Cyanogen starting in 2009 and has become even stronger since.

This is a practical OS with broad support that extends to more than 190 mobile devices and contains less spyware and bloatware present on most other default devices. With LineageOS you get:

Full support for tethering and connectivity to USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth
FLAC audio codec support
APN for connecting to your SIM card
OpenVPN client
Ability to overclock the CPU for higher performance
Greater apps permissions management

LineageOS operates with SELinus (Security-Enhanced Linux), which was originally developed by the NSA and became open-sourced after being leaked to the general public. Most applications you can download with this OS are the same as with any others, but you get them through the Open GApps Package that ensures they are not being tracked.

about degoogled phones and laptops

Frequently asked Questions


Easy. The real issue is convenience, and what you are prepared to give up to use a degoogled phone. We can provide, or point you in the direction of equivalent apps that you may currently be using, and you will be encouraged to step away from big- tech apps such as google maps.

yes, all our phones come with a manual with an overview of the operating system, the way we have found phones are best set up, and a list of apps to replace those recommended and used by google play store and apple itunes

Yes. We set the phones up as if we were going to use them our-selves. This way we can check the phones and make sure they are working correctly. Not only will we work with you to install your favourite apps,  we will also  set up your phone to the ideal settings

Yes, you can port your current number to the new phone. In fact you can probably take the SIM card from your old phone and install it right inside as a seamless operation.

In Australia, any carrier. Either insert your current SIM if it fits, or purchase a SIM from the provider of your choice from a retailer and activate over the phone or on-line

You can degoogle a limited variety of phones, but will not be able to install GrapheneOS or CalyxOS therefore it is not recommended.

To remove an operating system the phone first needs to have the bootlocker unlocked (a different unlock than carrier unlocked). Some phones are notoriously difficult to unlock, some models a few phones do, and others don't, and other brands can never be unlocked. However, this is only part of the problem. The main issue is that once unlocked, only the Google Pixel is able to be locked again. Ideally, once you have put a new operating system on you want to relock the phone. If the phone remains unlocked it is more vulnerable to hackers.

Sure, if it is a Google Pixel all we need to discuss is what operating system - GrapheneOS or CalyxOS - and what apps you want installed. If it is a different make of phone you will need to give me the make and model of the phone so we can advise which operating systems will be compatible. In either case you will be responsible for backing up all the data on the phone, because it will be completely stripped, and returned as a freshly installed system.

Unfortunately, No. The unlocking procedure for Apple IOS products are completely different than an android. And at the very core of the Operating System (the equivalent of a computers bios) IOS will not allow you to "flash" or put a new system on. The only real alternative is to sell the Apple products, and put the money to a different phone, or keep as a backup.

Yes, there are a variety of different operating systems available, however we have chosen the most secure, and the systems with the most support and updates.

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