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There is a fundamental saying in the privacy world.
“People cannot steal what they cannot see”.
 If you want to keep your data safe from the prying eyes of Big Tech and government agencies, you need advanced privacy tools.

That is why we at Freedom Technology and Services have partnered with the experts at SLNT.
Together, we are providing you direct access to the same gear, bags, and technology many governments, journalists, and researchers use to protect their devices – Faraday bags.

These are patent-protected, expertly designed bags to enhance your privacy by blocking unwanted signals from going in or out of your devices.
Our current line of SLNT products includes water-resistant pouches and bags that incorporate metal-plated cyber fabric lining.

These high-quality materials block all radio signals from trackers, as well as prevent cell signals, GPS, RFID, and WiFi from harming your device’s integrity.

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An Overview Of Our Current Stock

Radio Signal and Wifi inhibitors

Eliminate Big Tech Tracking & Potential Device Spying

Our Faraday bags are designed for different storage purposes like cell phones, laptops, USB drives, and even your wallets. This stops thieves dead in their tracks because they cannot scan your credit cards while you’re walking around town with your family.

Faraday Bags use the same technology government agencies and hackers utilize to protect their information and devices whenever out in public. They are a reliable source for anti-tracking and counter-surveillance tactics. Our clients use them to stop big brother from watching every step they make.

We stock waterproof large duffel bags and dry bags ranging in size from 2.5 to 20 lt. We also provide mobile phone sleeves with weatherproof leather outer linings as well as laptop sleeves and bags.

We are proud to have the latest US Military, in-plain-site carry backpacks that have a large Faraday cage compartment inside and a discrete waterproof appearance. SLNT has included an offering of new tamper-proof sling bags and backpacks for those short trips or commutes.

Protect your freedom and pick up our Faraday Bags today!

Features Include:

  • Special material is designed to block all radio and standard wavelengths from penetrating your protected device
  • Easy to use openings and sized for your convenience
  • Designed with the exact specifications used by the military, government agencies, and forensic investigators
  • Prices start from $28.00


Why You Need a Faraday Bag for Your Privacy

The point of a Faraday bag is to stop any kind of WiFi, Bluetooth, or electrical/radio signal from entering or exiting your protected device. These are products developed with the same idea as Faraday Cages used by scientists worldwide to prevent electrical signals from hampering experiments inside the cage.

The idea is that when your device is placed inside a Faraday Bag, it is shielded from anyone trying to alter, delete, or add data. That could be the scammer in a crowded market trying to swipe your credit card information remotely or the Big Tech companies tracking your location data to sell you more targeted advertisements.

These Faraday bags are used all of the time by government agencies and journalists who do not want to be spied on. So yes, that means they are counter-intelligence items available to you, the public!

Why invest in these powerful items?


The Danger is Just Around the Corner

Whenever someone thinks of a thief or Big Tech executives, they are always a world away in some fancy office, or hiding in a dark corner or alleyway that we can avoid.

That is usually not the reality.

Modern thieves sit in the same places you get your coffee, where you check out your books, or even where you hang out with friends for a drink.

They are the young kid with a laptop on a train, the University student in the cafe working on their assignment, or a sharp-dressed business person who just happens to be closer than they should be in order to Bluejack your device.

military radio operator

Why do Faraday Bags Help? 

Whenever anyone in law enforcement or the military wants to ensure their data is safe from cyberattacks or to preserve evidence, they put it inside a Faraday bag.

We may think our phones do not carry that much important data, but is that really the case?

Inside each of our mobile devices are endless photos of friends, family, and loved ones. There are data logs of bank transactions and messages with other people that can be tracked, analyzed, and used against us in all kinds of ways.

The best way to protect our privacy is to stop any kind of signal from entering our device, and Faraday Bags get the job done.



Faraday Bags & Pouches for Everyday Use

There are quite a few different brands making Faraday bags out there. When we at Freedom Technology and Services in Australia wanted to reach out to a partner, we focused on the companies that provided comfort as well as privacy.

SLNT is the perfect match. Each one of their products is designed to perform the necessary privacy protection you need for off-gridding your devices but also has the benefit of premium material construction.

These are not the loosely covered cloth shields you might get when going to a concert or comedy show. These stylish bags, backpacks, pouches, and sleeves look fantastic. Many of the gear privacy advocates purchase either look too industrial or militaristic. That may be good for former government officials, but everyday consumers want comfort.

A great example of this is the Faraday Duffel Dry Bag. This looks like a premium gym or travel bag that fits what other people take on trips. That is the point. The more common it seems, the less suspicious you will be. Thieves and officials will have no idea why your devices are not trackable and move on to the next target, leaving you safe and protected.

Not to mention these are handy bags that have the practical effect of containing enough pockets and zippered pouches to fit everything you would need for a trip.

The same is true for our Laptop Sleeves and Backpacks. We wanted to be sure everything you purchase from our store and partnership with SLNT meets the demands of commuting to work, going to university, or enjoying a relaxing day at a coffee shop. Privacy protection should not require extraordinary initiatives. It should be simple and eloquent, and that is what we and SLNT provide.


Faraday Privacy Solutions

Some people, unaware of the dangers of tracking or potential thieves, may be on the fence with Faraday Bags.
Let’s take into consideration a few other key reasons:

Bugging out

Great Bug-Out Bags

Faraday bags are made from stronger materials and fabrics than most other items you would find in a big-box store. They provide an excellent resource for bug-out bags when you want protection from government agencies and potential EMP weapons. This way, you can have your essential data, documents, and equipment protected in case the worst were to happen.

protect your loves ones

Protect Your Loved Ones

Even if you think there is nothing of value in your device, that does not mean thieves and Big Tech cannot get to your friends and family who may have essential data on their phones, laptops, and drives. Using a Faraday Bag shuts down the tracking network and helps plug a hole in the shield around the people you care for the most.

car thief

Prevents Car Thieves

Modern vehicles use electric key fobs to unlock, open doors, and turn on engines. These key fobs can be electronically duplicated using a small device that only has to be within a certain range of your keys. That means a thief only needs to ride next to you on the elevator to then and take your new car for a joy ride. Placing your key fob in a Faraday pouch prevents this activity from happening.

Lazing in hammock stress

Simple Peace of Mind

A Faraday bag removes a stressor from your life. When you want those rare afternoon moments to yourself where no one can bug you, simply drop your phone into your Faraday bag. This removes the temptation of checking social media or having to deal with endless phone calls because it stops the signals dead in their tracks.

about Faraday bags and equipment

Frequently asked Questions

faqs freedomtech

Faraday bags are used by scientists and engineers who need to protect sensitive equipment from electromagnetic interference. These bags contain conductive materials that block out all radio frequencies, including those emitted by cell phones and other wireless devices.
They are also used by military personnel to shield against radio frequency interference.

Faraday bags are designed to block all wireless signals, including cell phone signals. They also block radio frequency radiation, which is emitted by many devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronic gadgets. However, they do not provide protection against other forms of radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet light, infrared light, visible light, etc.

Faraday bags are designed to block all types of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, microwaves, cell phones, WiFi signals, Bluetooth devices, etc. However, they do not provide protection against other forms of radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet light, infrared light, visible light, etc.

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