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Our privacy is acknowledged as a fundamental human right through Australian law. The 1988 Privacy Act was designed specifically to maintain our information privacy rights and how different organizations and agencies must handle this valuable data so that it is not abused.

The problem is that those protections were written long before the mass proliferation of Big Tech and government digital overreach. With companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and plenty more, there is no real protection from technology tracking our every physical and digital move.

That is where Freedom Technology and Services can help. We provide a range of privacy products explicitly designed to make your online presence harder to track and increase your digital anonymity.

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Our Products

We currently offer three different categories of products that workaround or eliminate the active tracking of your online activities by Big Tech companies and government agencies without proper legal authority. Our main clients are those individuals who work with sensitive data like journalists, medical professionals, research and development teams, as well as individual citizens who wish to keep their private lives private.

DeGoogled phones Australia

deGoogled Phones & Tablets

Every single day we carry around devices meant to improve communication and the access to critical information.

Smartphones are an incredibly useful tool that should be helping people learn new skills, share information with loved ones, and enhance daily life.

The problem is Companies like Google love to track every website you visit, social media post you like, or application you are using. They use tracking software to analyze your interests and common topics you discuss to then turn around and sell that information to advertisers. That is why when you mention needing some more toilet paper or cat food, you suddenly see an ad pop up the next time you’re online for those exact products.

Our expert team at Freedom Technology and Services offers deGoogled Phones & Tablets to get around this problem.

These are Google Pixel phones or Samsung tablets already in excellent condition that are wiped clean of their operating systems and replaced with an open-sourced OS called GrapheneOS, CalyxOS for the phones, or LineageOS for tablets.

Instead of having all the pre-installed software from Google that tracks your habits, we use the same applications, OS, and system backed by the famed whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Now you can make phone calls, browse the web, and safely message your friends without Big Tech or Big Brother watching over your shoulder.

repairing a degoogled phone
Refurbished Linux Motherboard

Linux operating System products

Refurbished PCs & Laptops

With our refurbished computer products, we take the idea of open-sourced protection to a whole other level. Each of these items has been taken down to their core technical elements and then expertly rebuilt with secure operating systems and components. This prevents Big Tech from knowing your location details, spying on your activities, and endlessly throwing ads designed on your private conversations.

We use ex-government computers and laptops like Dells and IBMs and then install open-sourced operating systems based on Linux to ensure your protection. We also provide installation of specific VPNs (virtual private networks) that can be turned on and hide your identity while using your machine.

These are highly customizable and in extreme demand because of all the recent news surrounding privacy rights and digital exploration. That is why we request you contact us first before placing an order for our refurbished PCs and laptops to ensure we fulfill your needs precisely.

Faraday bags and signal blockers

Privacy Accessories

Our final category of products revolves around protecting your privacy with the latest gadgets and proven tools used by experts in the industries of journalism, spycraft, government secrets, and the like.

An excellent example of this is our partnership with Silent Pocket, an industry-leading provider of Faraday Bags. These are specially designed storage pouches and bags that eliminate signals from getting to your devices. They are commonly used by CEOs and Government officials to prevent any kind of tracking, surveillance, or data leaking for sensitive information and conversations.

The military-grade fabric blocks any cell phone signal, WiFi, Bluetooth, or other popular signals from penetrating your device. This allows you to travel worry-free that anyone is spying on your device safely stored inside.

Faraday Bags and accessories
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