Experience uncompromised protection and convenience with the Waterproof Faraday Duffel. Offering 40 litres of volume, this robust bag secures your devices by blocking wireless communication signals. Additionally, its waterproof construction ensures your valuables remain dry, even in challenging weather conditions. Perfect for travel and storing multiple devices.



Waterproof Faraday Duffel: Ultimate Protection for Your Essentials

Ultimate Protection with Waterproof Faraday Duffel

Step into the world of uncompromised security and unwavering protection with the Waterproof Faraday Duffel. This game-changing accessory revolutionises how we safeguard our electronic devices and personal belongings from both physical and digital threats. Built with the patented Silent Pocket® Faraday cage, the main compartment guarantees an impenetrable shield against all forms of electronic signals and harmful radiation. You’ll enjoy complete privacy, secure in the knowledge that your sensitive data is safely tucked away. If you’re seeking similar protection for smaller devices, the E3 Faraday Backpack is another excellent choice.

Reliable and Robust: Your Waterproof Ally

Beyond data protection, this duffel bag is your trustworthy partner against the elements. Crafted from 400D weatherproof nylon, this duffel bag offers top-tier waterproofing. It ensures your belongings remain dry, undamaged, and fully functional, irrespective of the weather conditions. It provides an outstanding guard against rain, snow, or ocean spray, offering you that coveted peace of mind.

An Exceptional Travel Companion

The Waterproof Faraday Duffel isn’t just about superior protection. With a generous capacity of 40 litres, it’s a travel-ready companion that marries security and practicality. Roomy enough to store multiple devices, personal essentials, and more, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and style. For those looking for a smaller alternative suitable for daily use, we recommend the compact Waterproof Faraday Backpack.

User-Friendly Design for Unmatched Convenience

Experience the seamless blend of practicality and design ingenuity with the Waterproof Faraday Duffel. Its roll-down and clip closure system ensures a secure and easy-to-use sealing mechanism. Coupled with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, carrying your belongings has never been more comfortable or convenient. It’s all about providing you with the easiest experience, even when you’re on the move.

Built for Convenience: Accessible and Secure Storage

Two external Aquagard® zippered pockets complement the duffel’s main compartment. These non-signal blocking pockets are ideal for storing items you frequently access, providing easy reach without compromising the bag’s overall security. With these pockets, accessibility and security go hand in hand, offering you unparalleled convenience.

Invest in Durability: Designed for Longevity

Every inch of the Waterproof Faraday Duffel is designed with longevity in mind. Its RF welded construction, reinforced with sturdy Duraflex® UTX buckles, ensures this duffel withstands the rigours of time and travel. A must-have accessory, it’s an investment in not just robust physical protection but also digital security. Choose the Waterproof Faraday Duffel for a future-proof solution to data protection and security.


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