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Are My Devices Listening in on My Life?

Be it Google assistant or Alexa, most of the devices big tech make are tracking you. Big tech breach your data privacy in name of 'enhancing the user experience' and use it for their own profit.

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Is My Phone Listening To Me?” If you do then this article will help you learn more and if you do not then it will open your eyes how tech companies are keeping a track on you.

In 2018, a reporter from Vice ran a unique experiment. He used the same phrases twice a day for five days in a row around his mobile phone. He would then check his Facebook feed to see if anything different occurred. Little by little, he began to see a shift in the way his feed was delivering information to him.

One of these phrases of “back to university” and suddenly ads for taking summer courses began to pop up. Another phrase was “cheap shirts,” and yup, you guessed it, he was treated to a ton of low-cost tees all over his Facebook feed.

Why is this happening? It is simple. Our phones, computers, and voice assistants are equipped with state-of-the-art audio, video, and recording technology that is being leveraged by Big Tech on a daily basis.

So, Question is: Is My Phone Listening To Me?

So, Question is: Is My Phone Listening To Me For Real?

So, again, have you ever asked yourself the question “Is My Phone Listening To Me?” Be it Google assistant or Alexa, most of the devices big tech make are tracking you.

In 2019, Facebook openly admitted in an interview with Bloomberg that their smart speaker, The Portal, is listening in to the conversation before and after the catchphrase “Hey Portal” is being used. These snippets of information are then used in transcriptions that specially designed artificial intelligence scans through for data related to products and services Big Tech can sell and earn a profit from.

There was a famous court case in New Hampshire, USA, where a judge ordered Amazon to turn over two days of Echo recordings in a double murder trial. The reason was simple. There was evidence that these devices were recording periodically throughout the day and may have recorded parts of the attack.

Whether or not these recordings ever turned out to provide valuable evidence has yet to be decided as Amazon has fought tooth and nail against any such court order. However, the mere fact that a prosecutor thought this was a relevant avenue to solve a murder shows just how much capability our devices have to record our lives.

The Fear of Stalkerware

Is My Phone Listening To Me? Yes obviously

Slowly, the world is beginning to wake up to the fact that we may have given too much data to Big Tech. It is starting to feel like our mobile phones, and smart TVs know more about us than we do. As if there is a new stalker in our lives watching our every move ready to offer us gifts it thinks will make us happy. If that gives you goosebumps, then good, it should!

The truth is there is always something listening in on our conversations now. That is why government agencies have specially designed SCIFs to keep listening devices at bay. These are sensitive compartmented information facilities that do not allow radio signals or any other form of surveillance into the room while top-secret information is discussed. If only there was a way for us, the everyday consumer, to get that same protection.

Freedomtech is your Saviour:

The good news is, there is! Freedom Technology and Services has a new line of carefully designed Faraday Bags to keep your mobile phones and other devices safe from prying ears and eyes. These are military-grade pouches that block all radio waves, WiFi signals, Bluetooth, and more, so your devices stay protected while you travel. Check out our latest line at our store and keep your privacy private. With that, you worry about question “Is My Phone Listening To Me?” will be gone!

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